Monday, November 8, 2010

March 2010

Hopefully my next few posts wont skip around TOO much, but March 2010 are the first pics I found to post! We have made it a ritual to go to the beach around the weekend of my birthday, I guess as our way of shoving winter out the door and welcoming spring back! We always have a blast, as we did this time. It was still quite cold outside, but we still love to be there regardless. There is something about sitting oceanfront and watching the sun rise over the waves that is completely awesome. We have been going to a resort called Compass Cove for a few years now, and we LOVE it there. They have lots of kid friendly amenities like a bowling alley and game room. The boys especially love the breakfast buffet every morning!
We also went to Medieval Times and had a great feast and a lots of fun! We got to sit front row, right next to where the horses and knights came out!
There is no way a picture could ever do a beach sunrise justice!

Doesn't get much better than this!

We've Got Talent!

At the end of May, Vass Lakeview Elementary held their annual Talent Show. The boys sang "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me and did a fine job doing it! They were sharp and everyone loved their performance! It makes a moma proud when the audience repsonds with a "Woooow!"

New Friends

While in kindergarten, Logan found his first ever "best friend" named Domenic. After meeting with his mom, Lisa, and brother Kalen, we all became really great friends and enjoyed each others company on a regular basis. Domenic's dad is military and was gone alot. I took advantage of giving Lisa a much needed break from time to time by taking all four boys out for "day outtings." We always had a blast, no matter where we went, and there was NEVER a dull moment! They were always all very well behaved, even though sometimes I go the crazy eye look from people because they were all so close in age and in most ways could pass for all Jaocb was 7, Logan and Domenic 5, and Kalen was 4. Yes, a handful, but tons of fun! We spent lots of time together and the boys really enjoyed each others company. Early 2010, we found out that Lisa was expecting and hoped for a little girl. I was lucky enough to go with her for her gender ultrasound (Joe was away at school), and we found out she was adding a baby girl to the family! Everyone was super excited! I was really looking forward to having a little girl around to spoil and of course take a million pictures of! Unfortunately, they soon got the news that shortly after school was out, and with Joe's graduation from Special Forces, they would be restationed to Colorado. They have been gone for several months now, and Domenic and Kalen now have a beautiful baby sister named Sophia. Jacob and Logan miss them terribly and talk about them quite often. They are hoping that one day, maybe the military will bring them back to Ft. Bragg! It is tough seeing my boys go thru somewhat of a seperation from their friends, but I guess it is life and it goes on. Luckily with technology today, they have a chance to see pictures of them and can communicate pretty instantly. Logan was talking just the other day that he wanted to send his best friend Domenic a picture that he had drawn. Kinda makes me smile.

Logan's Grand Entrance

Into Kindergarten that is...
Yes, my baby boy started Kindergarten in August 2009. He loved it and couldn't get enough. He made lots of friends, and LOVED his teacher, Mrs. Pratt. He had a great year academically and made great strides! The only downside to Logan going to school was sickness. The H1N1 virus among many others struck just a few weeks after school started so we had a rocky start to the first semester. Thankfully, none of us ended up getting the actual H1N1 virus (aka Swine Flu), but both Jacob and Logan had at least one other bug that put them out for a few days to a week. Logan occassionally had other issues with his asthma thru the year, generally as a complication to a cold. But, by the grace of God, we all survived!
Here is a picture of Logan with his 101 Days of School Project!
They celebrated 101 days of school with the 101 Dalmations!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Summer 2010 Part One

Our summer of 2010 was somewhat of a whirlwind! Jacob and Logan finished their last day of school on June 10th and by June 14th we were in Indiana visiting with their "Great" Uncle Steve and Aunt Jackie! Their grandma had also gotten there just before us. The trip was long, but we had a good time. We made it in one day, and I must say, the Nintendo DS is the greatest invention ever! Although we did alot of sight seeing, the games kept the boys busy during the riding times and made the time fly by!
While in Indiana, the boys (and I) got to meet my cousin Alana who is around the same age as the boys. They had a great time together exploring the land at Steve's. Between fishing, bonfires, and silly toys, they had a blast and were not ready to depart when it was time for Alana to go home! They still talk about her and hope they can meet again one day soon!

While visiting the North, we took the opportunity to take the boys to Chicago via the train in Indiana. They LOVED the train ride and although it was nearly 2 hours long, it went by in a flash and the boys were amazed! We went through lots of country sides, but also many towns where the train went right down the middle of the street! It was really neat and the boys hope to do it again one day. While in Chicago, we visited several places. We first went to the Museum of Science and Industry. I don tknow if the boys had a favorite part, they loved it all and were not ready to go even when we were stretched for time.
We also visited the Sears Tower (now named the Willis Tower)...yep, all the way to the top, all 100 floors!

In front of the Museum of Science and Industry.

Grandma, Logan, Uncle Steve, and Jacob

Jacob and Logan sitting in the sky box, which sticks out the side of the building...on the 110th floor!
Nothing but a layer of glass between them and the ground!

Another Year Going, Going, Almost Gone!

Ok, yea, so after the last post, I guess I am really fired! Especially since it was almost a whole year ago. Life sometimes seems to fly right past you without being able to come up for air! This year has created many wonderful memories and this time, I PROMISE I will update our happenings from the last year. It might take me a little while and several posts, but I promise to get to current events, pictures included!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Ok...So...I am fired when it comes to keeping up with this thing! I am hoping to have some time to update everyone with the happenings of 2009 over the next few days. Hopefully...I will be able to keep up a little better this year so that we can share our stories and memories with family and friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is looking forward to a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More SNOW!!

Yep...we woke up to about 4 inches of snow yesterday morning! School was still in, so no play time for Jacob, and Logan and I decided it was very pretty to look at this time from the warmth of the house! The snow is nice....but we are VERY ready for spring!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Your Favorite Snow Times!

Now that we have shared lots of our snow fun with you guys, what was your favorite snowy day past time? It can be recent or in the past!

Snowy Scenes

More Snowy Fun...

No School Snow Days

I can remember growing up when we wished for school closings because of snow days! It didn't happen very often! Luckily, school was cancelled for Jacob today, so we will get to enjoy what will probably be most of the last day for playing in the snow for us! (probably for a while!)I am sure Jacob will enjoy both the free snow day...and the fact that he will have a two-day school week! More pictures to come...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Here are some pictures from our Snowy Adventures!

My little snow angels...

Not sure if he was little...or an angel...but it was funny!

He couldnt get the snow to wipe off of his he started licking it off!

The beginnings of a snowman...

Mmmm...Tastes like Chicken!

Ok...So I am starting to get a little cold!

Can you see the sneaky look on his face as he snuck up behind Fred?
A cup of hot chocolate to warm everyone up!
PS...The snow was supposed to be gone by lunch. It is now 1:51pm and it is still snowing like CRAZY! Bring it on!!


After Jacob and I went to bed around 1:30 this morning with no sight of snow, this is what I woke up to this morning. The boys are still asleep, but I can't wait to bundle them up and let them go out and play in it!
More photo updates to come!


As of 9:20 am

I ruffled Jacob's feather's earlier this morning and told him there was snow aot of snow. (He slept in our bed last night.) Still half asleep he attempted to groan because I had woken him up. I got up and opened the blinds and he sat straight up in the bed and his eyes were as big as quarters! He asked if he could go outside and I told him not yet so he laid back down so he went back to sleep!

We woke Logan up at 9:20 and he sat straight up. He ran over to the window, made a big GASP!, and said, "SNOOOOOW!" He is now...WIDE-awake!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cross Your Fingers, Cross Your Toes!

It is supposed to snow tonight and all day tomorrow. They are calling for the most accumulation right in our area! The boys are so excited, they keep running to the window every few minutes and the precipitation hasn't even started yet! We ran to Wally World earlier, more because we had NO bread in the house and I knew if I waited there wouldn't be any! Of course it was a mad house! We will keep you posted with pictures as soon as we see something!

Let it snow!